Benefits of Working With a Travel Agent

We make our connections work for you.

Having spent years at one of the largest travel agencies in the world, we have a breadth of experience unlike many in the field. We also have a large pool of suppliers ready to meet your travel needs, but we don’t work for them. We work WITH them, FOR you. We individualize each travel experience we sell, because each traveling party is different. Our passion lies in the individual and treating each trip like it’s the only one in the world. When you travel, we remain in the background ensuring everything goes smoothly and the experience matches what you hoped for. We treat each client as though they’re our only one, and our commitment to that level of service is what sets us apart and gives your experience added meaning.

We pair you with the ideal, not just “the deal.”

Online deals automatically sort through a nameless, faceless matrix of flights and accommodations, which then spits out the lowest price, usually with three unconsidered truths: the deal doesn’t always fully detail what the customer is getting into before making the purchase; the deal often pulls heavily restrictive plane tickets and/or the most basic hotels or room categories; the deal has no name or face to answer any questions you might have, or to advocate for you if something goes amiss.

On the other hand, we ask good questions, take stock of your needs and likes, and pair you with the best match for you and your traveling party. This includes all aspects of your vacation, including the flights, accommodations, transportation, and activities while in your destination – making sure all of these contribute to a positive travel experience. That’s not to say you won’t get a good deal, but our priority is ensuring you get the best value for the money you spend. And in the unlikely event of something going wrong, you also have us to handle the problem while you switch back into “vacation mode,” instead of being left to deal with it yourself.

We make sense of the new normal in travel.

Whether you’ve traveled in the last three years or not, odds are things are different from when you traveled last. Shifting travel restrictions, changing times with airlines and resort industries, and high traveler counts have made travel far more complicated and hectic than in times past. As your travel advisors, we help keep you up to speed on your passport/visa requirements, and other general restrictions as we become aware of them, for your destination. Simply put, it pays to have someone in your corner to help you navigate every step of your travel experience.