Our Philosophy

At Fair Winds Travel, we do business differently.  

We are a boutique, concierge-style travel agency that values the individual. We don’t take on a zillion clients and process cookie-cutter travel plans. Instead, we specialize in customizing once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences tailor-made for your preferences, budget, and standards. We know that your time is valuable, and more importantly, we recognize that leisure travel is a form of self-care and therapy. Planning travel, however, can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful, and we know firsthand that stress and self-care do not go well together! We are here to take care of every aspect of your trip from planning and booking, to traveling and relaxing, so you can stick to dreaming about the vacation to come. 

We have a large pool of suppliers ready to meet your travel needs, but we don’t work for them. We work for YOU. We individualize each and every travel experience we sell, because each traveling party is different.  Our passion lies in the individual and treating each trip like it’s the only one in the world. We treat each client as though they’re our only one, and our commitment to that level of service is what both sets us apart and gives your experience added meaning. 

 So how does it work?   

The first step is to reach out to us in one of three ways: email, phone, or the free trip consultation link at the top-right corner of the website, and we will schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation, either by phone or by Zoom. During that meeting, we discuss a bit more about our philosophy and your needs. If at the end of that consultation, we mutually decide that this is a fit, Fair Winds Travel charges a nonrefundable $50* planning and research fee, per itinerary, to initiate the proposal process. This guarantees you priority in our planning calendar, and we will have a detailed proposal to you within 48-72 business hours.  During the entire process we will work together to ensure your trip is exactly as you’d like it before you put anything down toward the trip itself. 

Our services don’t stop once your trip is booked, either! We remain in contact with you until the date of your trip, and we are available during your trip should anything arise that needs our attention and advocacy on your behalf. 

* – waived for Florida residents, per state ordinance